5 Benefits of Glass Shower Enclosures

Bored of your old bathroom and wish to give it a new look? Well, installing glass shower enclosures would be an interesting way to give your bathroom a new, elegant look without remodelling the whole space. Available in aesthetically pleasing designs, glass shower enclosures have become very popular among builders and home owners for creating beautiful bathroom interiors. A glass shower cubicle helps in creating a separate bathing space within the bathroom. These cubicles act as a partition and restrict vision from the outside. Listed below are the top advantages of installing glass shower enclosure in your bathroom:

Low Maintenance: an important benefit of choosing glass shower enclosures over other materials is that they require very less maintenance. They are durable and very easy to clean. Chances of a build-up by mould or mildew are rare. It is advised to put a protective coating on the glass at the time of installation as it will reduce water and soap scum spots. They are well-constructed and thus require very few repairs.

Make the Bathroom Look Spacious: if you have a small bathroom, a glass enclosure is just what you need to make the space look bigger and more spacious. It will make your bathroom appear significantly bigger than it actually is and that too without a closed off partition. Moreover, it will allow better air flow as compared to metal frame shower stall or a traditional curtain.

Customizable: another benefit of choosing glass shower enclosures is that they are customizable. At Glasxperts, a wide range of customizable glass shower enclosures and glass door designs are available. You can explore their collection and opt for the one that matches perfectly with your bathroom design.

Safe: glass shower enclosures are any day a safer option than leaky shower curtains which create a slip and fall hazard, especially for the young ones and elderly people of the house. They significantly reduce chances of any mishap in the bathroom, as there will be less water on the floor and less clean up required after your shower. The glass shower cubicle by Glasxperts is made from tempered and heat soaked glass which is highly impact resistant due to its considerable strength (five times stronger than regular annealed glass).

Add value to your home:
if you are planning to sell your property, replacing the old and worn out bathroom enclosure with an elegant glass enclosure is sure to enhance its value. Even if you do not plan to move, upgrading it with beautiful glass enclosure will make the space look more pleasant

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