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5 Aesthetic Glass Solutions for Your Hotel

5 Aesthetic Glass Solutions for Hotel

Posted Date: Dec 26, 2017


A hotel must supersede commonplace values for it to achieve superior value in the hearts of its customers. To put it simply, it should exude visual appeal without ignoring practicalities and function. The ‘excellent’ factor is achieved with the right aesthetic value and this is where glass solutions have reserved the front seat in the construction market.

5 Aesthetic Glass Solutions for Hotel

Glass offers the whole nine yards of constructing solutions – it is not only tough and practical but comes with various applications around a facility as well. The recent developments in glass have rendered it suitable for the following:

Spider Glazing for Facade

This book will always be judged by its cover and rightly so – the exteriors are a summary of how pleasant and enjoyable the place really is. Spider glazing is a present-day solution for the modern edifices with stainless steel fixings to offer unmatched structural integrity with an array of other functions such as weather proofing, transparency for natural light and of course visual appeal. Moreover, glass spider fittings are rust proof to ensure the longevity of the structure.

Glass Staircase

Nothing emanates sophistication and luxury like a set of stairs set in glass. With the advent of Fabric Laminated Glass, the construction of staircases doesn’t only notify modernity, but structural strength as well. The opulent colour and texture matching fabrics, glass for staircase can be obtained in an array of designs, textures like transparent, opaque, frosted etc.

Mirror Windows

A hotel prizes certain spaces with an unmatched view of the exteriors that make it extra special for the temporary inhabitants. The introduction of Extra Clear Mirrors for windows had added to the astonishment of a view of the pool, city, beach or the hills. From outside, these windows cast a steely aura around the structure, and also help in excellent solar control. These glasses offer crystal clear visibility with excellent management of the sun’s reflection inside the room. The melted glass with low iron content makes sitting by the windows extra special around the clock.

Printed Glass and Crackled Glass

What’s a hotel without stylish interiors? With printed glass, a special type of glass with digitally-created graphics on its surface, you can impart great aesthetic sense to hotel furniture and the interior design. As for setting the right mood inside the hotel, opt for the ornamental crackled glass for your partitions, back walls, and glass tiles.

Lacquered Glass Partitions & Cabinets

Glass partitions and cabinets are as common as anything in present-day architecture. The type of glass used, however, must be exclusive like Décor Lacquered Glass which can be remodelled and refinished into desired shapes and sizes and can withstand high temperatures. They are strong enough to hold the antiques at display or acting as a sound proof wall between two spaces.

For more amazing glass applications for your hotel, check out the offerings from Glasxperts wide range of glass products.

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