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4 Reasons to Choose Glass Staircases for Your Office

Posted Date: Sep 22, 2017

In modern architecture, glass presents plethora of opportunities, be it at your home or the office. It is a premium material and the most preferred choice when one decides on taking the aesthetics of the place to the next level. Moreover, advanced technology has bestowed glass with many desirable properties, such as durability, noise resistance, heat resistance, UV-ray resistance, and energy efficiency. Hence, it is quite common to spot glass in various architectural designs these days.

Glass Staircases for Your Office

Of late, glass staircases are enjoying quite a rise in popularity in office spaces. Whether it is a regular staircase or a glass spiral staircase, your office is guaranteed to mesmerize visitors and the staff in equal measure. Here are 4 reasons to opt for glass staircases for your office:

1. They add a layer of sophistication to your office.

Glass staircases along with steel railings make for a very futuristic look. Not only do they offer a very clean, cool and minimal look to the office, but also make for great conversation starters. While many might want to question the strength of such staircases, it should be noted that they are made of extremely durable, shatter-proof, laminated glass that can take great loads and heavy traffic on a daily basis.

2. They create an illusion of space.

Glass staircases are easy on the eye, and since they are usually transparent, they make the space feel more vacant and open. Due to reflection of light, these staircases create an illusion of space. This will leave your clients impressed and also comfortable with their dazzling surroundings.

3. They reflect the values of transparency and trust.

This is more of a psychological trick caused due to transparent spiral staircases made of glass. Their see-through nature somehow assures visitors that that the company or the office is also transparent in its dealings, and progressive in its stance. This can create the perfect first impression to new clients, and prove to be immensely valuable to business.

4. They are more durable than wooden staircases.

Unlike regular wooden staircases which collect moisture or termite, thereby rotting away gradually, glass staircases are absolutely clean. Dust and dirt can never accumulate on such staircases, provided proper maintenance and care is followed.

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For best results, it is very important to opt for only the best glass staircase material from a reputed glass solutions provider, which might also deal in uPVC and wooden door designand window solutions, and the best energy-efficient, anti-noise, and aesthetically brilliant glass.

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