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3 Privacy Glass Solutions to Consider For A Home Office

3 Privacy Glass Solutions for Home Office

It is not uncommon to see many professionals, especially those who are practicing business or entrepreneurship, to have a dedicated work space at their home. This trend of a home office has really lift off with the advent of mobile communication devices such as laptops and smartphones, and is a necessary element in modern homes. And glass plays a huge role in the construction of such cabins and rooms.

3 Privacy Glass Solutions for Home Office

In order to construct a productive, peaceful and purposeful working space at your home, privacy is one of the most important aspects to take care of. This is where specialized glass solutions such as privacy glass windows and doors, or view obstructing glass partitions come in handy. These installations not only contribute towards an aesthetically stunning home office, but also provide you with adequate privacy so that you can work undisturbed and distraction-free. Here are three of the best privacy glass solutions from Glasxperts for your home office:

1. AIS Swytchglas™

Created through the use of Polymer Dispersed Crystal technology, the AIS Swytchglas™ is a modern marvel of science and technology. This is a smart glass which provides you with the option to change the level of its light transmissibility from transparent to opaque by simply passing current through it. Upon the flick of a switch, a press of a button on the remote control, or a tap on the smartphone screen, AIS Swytchglas™ can provide instant privacy at a home office. This is especially useful in personal walls and partitions.

2. Glass with Integrated Blinds

Another wonderful privacy glass application, glass with integrated blinds confines the traditional window blinds between two panes of glass, thus eliminating any damage to the blinds through negligence or natural processes such as formation of dust and dirt layers. The remote control option also makes it convenient to operate the blinds, thus allowing you ultimate effortlessness while drawing the blinds sitting from your home office’s desk. This can applied in study rooms, skylights, cabins and partitions.

3. Glass with View Control Films

Glass with View Control Films offer a unique way to tackle the problem of privacy at your home office. You can install the film in such a way that from certain viewing angles, the appearance of the glass changes from transparent to translucent.

The versatility of these glass solutions means that you can use them in sliding glass doors, sliding windows, partitions, screens, cubicle walls, or entire glass walls! It is recommended that you always contact only the best glass solution providers for privacy glass services, such as Glasxperts. We offer complete 360 degree glass service, right from selection and consultation, to installation and after-service

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