Benefits of Renovating Commercial Spaces with Back Painted Glass
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3 Benefits of Renovating with Back Painted Glass

Uses of Lacquered Glass

Posted Date: Sep 01, 2020

Uses of Lacquered Glass

Have you ever walked into a commercial complex or a fancy restaurant and wondered, “how is it that the walls in here shine like painted glass?” Well, if you look a little closer, you might find that it actually is painted glass! Lacquered glass or back painted glass can give any room a chic and more modern look. No wonder it is making its way from offices and hotel lobbies to bathrooms and kitchens in contemporary homes. Before we dive deeper into all the benefits of lacquered glass, let us first understand what it is.

Lacquered glass is precisely what the name says. It's an ultra-clear glass with one surface painted with lacquer. It is installed such that the unpainted surface faces outwards. To make sure that the colour of the paint comes through without any discolouration or distortion, low-iron glass is used. The thickness of the glass sheet can be anywhere between 1/8th to ½ inches.

Lacquered glass is becoming increasingly popular, not just in commercial spaces but also in modern homes, because of the wide variety of benefits it offers. Let us discuss the three primary benefits of renovating with back painted glass.

Easy Maintenance

Lacquered glass requires little to no maintenance. The painted surface is conveniently tucked away, so the paint never fades or gets chipped. And the outer surface can easily endure heat and humidity. This property keeps lacquered glass looking as good as new even years after installation, unlike paint, wallpaper, and other cladding materials that wear off easily.

Whenever dust or dirt settles on it, you can just wipe it clean. This makes lacquered glass a perfect fit, for backsplashes, bar tops, and countertops in the kitchen. You no longer have to worry about leaving a stain if you accidentally spill some cooking grease or ketchup. Because of its resistance to moisture, lacquered glass is also well-suited for bathroom walls, shower wall panels, and washbasin tops, etc. Needless to say, it looks incredible with metal and porcelain.

Endless Aesthetic Choices

Lacquered glass is available in a wide range of colours and patterns. There is a colour available for every room in your house. Be it a Playful pink or Azure blue for the kids’ room or a subtle and sophisticated Venetian red for your living or lounging area. You could take different coloured glass panels and have them arranged tastefully to create modern art for your walls, or you could just have a white lacquered glass hanging in your study to use as a whiteboard.

Corporate offices can also make excellent use of lacquered glass.  You could have a custom-coloured lacquered glass to match the logo of your company or other office décor. With its crisp edges and clean lines, lacquered glass can be used as a tabletop in conference rooms and even as a divider between cubicles. Multiple coatings of paint provide structural strength to lacquered glass, making it durable and resilient.

Have you ever seen an advert for a cool gadget, or a beautiful piece of jewellery or even for your favourite soft drink and wondered how the photographer achieved that impossibly slick reflection below it? That is nothing but black lacquered glass. With the right lighting and the correct angle, you could place any product on top of a black lacquered glass and capture stunning images. Get one for your studio from AIS Glasxperts and see for yourself!

Incredible Versatility

Usually, lacquered glass is permanently adhered to walls using ultra-strong adhesives, but it can also be adhered to a variety of other horizontal and vertical surfaces at home or in a business setting to provide a chic and contemporary look without comprising on functionality and versatility.

Lacquered glass can add aesthetics to your furniture, be it wardrobes, tabletops and countertops, or cabinet doors, kitchen shutters, kitchen island and cupboards. With lacquered glass, the possibilities are endless! You can even use lacquered glass in lift lobbies and on pillar claddings. It is heat, moisture and scratch-resistant, which makes it extremely durable and long-lasting. Being easy to install, clean and maintain, it is safe to say that lacquered glass serves form as well as function.

Get the Best of Lacquered Glass with AIS Glasxperts!

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