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Multiple Skylight Ideas To Brighten Up Your Space

10 Skylight Design Ideas To Brighten Up Your Space

Posted Date: Nov 09, 2023

Skylights are a great way to add beauty and elegance to any room while letting natural light into your house. Skylights are ideal, whether you want to add light to a dim space or create a more open and inviting ambience. In this article, we'll look at ten skylight design concepts that can help you revamp your room and let more light in.

Circular Skylight

If your roof area is limited or you want to lighten up smaller spaces, a circular skylight is perfect. A highly reflective tube is fastened to a little dome on the roof. This allows light to penetrate the area. Circular skylights are suitable in locations like bathrooms, hallways, or closets where standard skylights would not be feasible.

Pyramid Skylight

For a unique and striking design, consider a pyramid skylight. These multi-panelled skylights add a touch of architectural interest to any space. Pyramid skylights work exceptionally well in atriums or rooms with high ceilings, creating a focal point and flooding the area with natural light from multiple angles.

Ventilated Skylight

Ventilated Skylights are popular as they offer natural light and improved airflow in the room. They are the most preferred options for kitchens and bathrooms.

Flat Skylight

Any property can benefit from the timeless appeal of the traditional skylight design. A uniform light dispersion from a square or rectangular skylight placed in the middle of the room gives the impression that the room is brighter and larger. This layout works especially well in kitchens and living areas because they require a lot of natural light.

Stained Glass Skylight

Think about installing a stained-glass skylight for a splash of colour and creativity. These skylights include elaborate stained-glass patterns that filter sunlight, giving your room a stunning and brilliant colour display. Stained glass skylights are ideal for giving a distinctive touch to religious structures, libraries, or any other space where you wish to create a calm and awe-inspiring ambience.

Remote-controlled Skylight

As the name suggests, these skylights offer ease and comfort as they can be controlled from a distance. It consists of a concealed motor and remote control, making it extremely easy to operate. So, they are best for people who prioritise ease above all else.

Custom Skylight

Consider making a bespoke skylight if none of the pre-made designs satisfy your specifications. Custom skylights provide countless options in form, dimension, and style. A custom skylight can bring your concept to life and uniquely brighten your area, whether you want one that blends in with your distinctive architecture or a one-of-a-kind statement piece.

Parting Thoughts

Skylights are a great addition to any room since they let in natural light and improve the aesthetic of your house. Take advantage of the beauty of natural light and let our skylights add style and character to your home.

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1. What advantages come with installing a skylight?
Enhanced ambience, more natural light, and energy savings.
2. What kinds of rooms can have skylights put in them?
You may install skylights in several spaces, including living rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms.
3. Are skylights difficult to maintain?
No, regular cleaning and occasional inspections are typically all that's needed.
4. Could skylights be opened to let in fresh air?
Yes, many skylights may be opened to provide fresh air into the space.
5. Is it possible to regulate the amount of light that enters a skylight?
Yes, if it’s automatic, then remote-controlled devices can be used to adjust the lighting.

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