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10 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Implementing Glass Spider Fitting 

10 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Implementing Glass Spider Fitting

Posted Date: Oct 18, 2023

Spider fitting, commonly known as glass spider fitting, is a stainless-steel hardware that is utilized for mounting glass to fins, posts, and walls. Apart from that, it is also utilized in various other structural substrates. 

There are two types of spider fittings that you will come across, such as the "point fix spider fittings" and the "fin spider fittings." These fittings are primarily used for creating an "all glass" appearance; you will certainly find them used in airports and sky-high buildings. 

But when you're planning to use these fittings on a specific building or property, there are some mistakes that you must avoid. 

Mistakes to Avoid When Using Glass Spider Fittings 

In this section, you will find out about the mistakes that you must avoid when using spider fittings. These are: 

1. Not Choosing the Correct Support System:

The support system is the primary force element of the spider fittings. Not choosing the correct one can led to issues within the entire building or structure. So, whether you want a stainless-steel column or a fire-resistance steel structure, choose the correct support system. 

2. Not Opting for the Right Metal Connector:

Metal joints are known as the essence of architectural point technology. If it ends up fixing the extra stress on the support area of the structure, it can lead to the displacement of the construction error. 

3. Not Choosing the Correct Glass:

Choosing the right glass is compulsory when it comes to implementing glass spider fitting in buildings. It's important to choose tempered glass as it can protect the interiors from theft and also provide a high level of thermal insulation. 

4. Choosing the Wrong Seal Material:

Sealing materials are extremely crucial when you're planning to use spider glass fittings. Not using the correct sealing material will make it difficult for the glass walls to withstand harsh weather conditions. It's vital to use weather-resistant silicone rubber and then bond the metal and glass structure with structural silicone glue. 

5. Not Calling the Experts:

The usage of glass spider fitting does not fall under the "DIY" [Do-It-Yourself] category, especially when you don't have knowledge of how to use the spider fittings. That's why you should call in professionals to take care of the work for you. 

6. Using it in the Wrong Way:

Not placing the spider fittings in the correct manner can loosen up the glass, and it might fall and break. Besides that, it can also ruin the entire structure of the glass wall. 

7. Not Doing Proper Research:

Using the glass spider fitting without knowing what exactly they can help you with is a mistake that you should avoid at all costs. No matter what item or material you use, conducting proper research on them is extremely vital. 

8. Forgetting to Check the Price:

All spider fittings do not have the same price. When you don't check the price, you might end up purchasing a spider fitting that is not just expensive but also of low quality. Make sure to check the price before you make the purchase. 

9. Not Checking the Size:

Many people make the mistake of purchasing a spider glass fitting, which is not ideal for the curtain wall they need it for. Remember, a standard spider fitting comes in a size of 200mm x 200mm, 250mm x 250mm. So, always check the size of the spider fittings before you make the purchase. 

10. Not Checking the Glass Thickness:

When using the spider fittings, people do not check the glass thickness. Due to such reasons, they end up opting for glass, which is a lot thicker compared to the one they need. So, to avoid this mistake, you should opt for a glass that has a 12mm thickness. 

Parting Thoughts 

This post will help you learn about the various mistakes that you should avoid when you're planning to use spider glass fittings on a particular building or property. Be sure to go through all of them to have a proper understanding. 

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